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Prenatal Care

Early and regular prenatal care improves the chances of a healthy pregnancy and help ensure the health of both the baby and the mother.

This section looks at the presence and adequacy of prenatal care in Douglas County.  Adequacy of prenatal care is determined by the use of the Kotelchuck Index, also called the Adequacy of Prenatal Care Utilization (APNCU) Index.

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First Trimester Prenatal Care
First Trimester Prenatal Care (% of Total Births)
Inadequate Prenatal Care
Inadequate Prenatal Care (% of Total Births)
Prenatal Care 2009201020112012201320142015201620172018
First Trimester Prenatal Care6021568159255920571858316286631756925915
First Trimester Prenatal Care (% of Total Births)74.974.276.374.973.770.975.574.672.475.1
Inadequate Prenatal Care93898088683782910938889231053896
Inadequate Prenatal Care (% of Total Births)12.713.912.39.912.915.412.312.715.613.5

Prenatal Care

First Trimester Care