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What are Environmental Health Indicators?

Environmental Health Indicators (EHI) include data from many sources that illustrate the link between the environment and health.  Much of the data presented here can be found in other areas of this site such as Deaths Data, Health Behaviors (BRFSS) and others. We have compiled related Environmental Health Data here in one place for your convenience.

How is it useful?

Information from Environmental Health Indicators can identify and quantify many health-related issues in Douglas County, measuring and identifying health disparities, and tracking progress toward public health goals. Some data that may be of interest include: asthma, leukemia, blood lead level testing and many others.

This website presents a variety of Environmental Health data compiled by the DCHD Health Data program that may be of interest to public policy makers, medical professionals, students, and interested members of the general public.

In the future this area of the site will be interactive and explorable by users. While this area is under development, please access our report below.

EHI2017 Cover

Click on the above image for our report.

Please contact us with any input you have to make our website a better tool to meet your needs!

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